About Our Farmers

mennonite farmer at Farmhouse Delivery Golden Rule Farms

Mennonite Farmer at Golden Rule Farms

Farmhouse Delivery coordinates community supported agriculture for several local, small Mennonite farmers in Scottsville, Kentucky. Our mission is to provide families with affordable, nourishing food while supporting farmers and building relationships between communities and farms. The farmers that we support are invested in sustainable, natural, chemical free, farming practices.

We are pleased to be partnering with Golden Rule Farm and Rolling Acres Farm to bring you fresh, beautiful produce throughout the growing season. Golden Rule Farm and Rolling Acres Farm are both chemical free, sustainable farms. Both the Brubaker family at Golden Rule Farm and the Gingerich family at Rolling Acres Farm are committed to growing nutrient dense produce that is affordable to families and grown without the use of chemicals. Our farmers believe that healthy food comes from healthy soil and eating healthy food makes healthy people. Farmhouse Delivery brings Golden Rule Farm to Lebanon, Mt.Juliet, and Franklin and Rolling Acres Farm to families living in Smyrna and Murfreesboro.